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Sri Chinmoy Redefines The Impossible by Vidagdha Bennett — last modified 2008-12-12 03:13 AM
My spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy, who is the most peaceful and dignified of men, has an unexpected devotion to extreme sports, or what he calls "feats of self-transcendence." A decathlon and 100-metre sprinting champion in his youth, this septuagenarian has run 22 marathons and 4 ultramarathons, played literally hundreds of games of tennis in one day, thrown shotputs weighing up to 50 pounds, walked in weighted vests of more than 100 pounds, done 2,230 pushups in under an hour, performed crunches with 367 pounds resting on his stomach and lifted two dumbbells weighing 650 pounds each overhead simultaneously. – Dr. Vidagdha Bennett, November 2004
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On October 20th this year, at the age of 74, Sri Chinmoy raised the bar for senior citizens yet again when he wristcurled a dumbbell of 203 pounds ten times with his right arm and then ten times with his left arm.