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I have been a student of Sri Chinmoy since 1975 and have written a number of articles and essays about various aspects of his profoundly inspiring life. In the pages that follow, I have listed these articles according to several different categories: poetry, music, art, tennis, running, weightlifting and miscellaneous. It is my hope that through these writings I have been able to convey something of the inner depth and outer mystery of this genuine spiritual Master.

About Me

Vidagdha Bennett

Born: 7th February 1954 Melbourne, Australia.


Methodist Ladies College, Perth (1967-71)

Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama, Australia (1973)

B.A. (with Honours) University of Western Australia (1977)

M.A. University of Western Australia (1979)

Ph.D. University of Melbourne (1982)


A Childhood Pastime of A Great Spiritual Master
In the evening of his life, on those sublime occasions when he was wont to reminisce about his childhood, Sri Chinmoy used to tell us the story of these visits to the High Court on Fairy Hill in Chittagong.

Sri Chinmoy’s Childhood Ambition
In September 1992, one of many occasions when he mentioned this early ambition, he said, “I had a desire in my childhood to work on a train."


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Thesis on the Poetry of Sri Chinmoy and Sri Chinmoy's Recent Poetry (on Sri Chinmoy Poetry).

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