Articles on Sri Chinmoy's Poetry

1. Simplicity and Power: The Poetry of Sri Chinmoy 1971-1981 (Doctoral Thesis, University of Melbourne, 1981. Published by Aum Publications, New York, 1991, 246 pp., 90,000 words, Preface by Sri Chinmoy)

2. The Advent of a Seer-Poet (1982, 5 pp., unpublished)

3. The Future Poetry: A Commentary on Ten Thousand Flower-Flames by Sri Chinmoy (July, 1983, 92 pp., 23,000 words)

4. "The Poet as Language-Maker: Sri Chinmoy" (Published in New Literature Review, No. 10, The University of New England, Australia, pp. 61-66)

5. "Forging a New Language: Sri Chinmoy’s Ten Thousand Flower-Flames" (Published in Westerly, Number 4, University Of Western Australia, December 1983, pp. 81-86. Also mention of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry by editor Ron Shepherd, p. 65)

6. “The Idea of God in the Poems of Sri Chinmoy” (1983, 8 pp., unpub.)

7. “Sri Chinmoy: Seer-Poet on American Soil” (A talk given at a symposium in Manhattan in 1983 on mystical poets)

8. “Search and Revelation in Sri Chinmoy’s Poetry” (A talk given at a symposium in Manhattan in 1983 on East/West spiritual poets)

9. A Review of Selected Flower-Flames (1985, 10 pp., unpub.)

10. “An Introduction to Sri Chinmoy’s Poetry” (1993, 4 pp., unpub.)

11. “Sri Chinmoy’s Poems of Peace” (1995, 1 page, unpub.)

12. "Sri Chinmoy: Seer-Poet" (1999, 5 pp., unpub.)

13. The Resonance of Word-Music in Sri Chinmoy’s Recent Poetry (2006, 31 pp., published in pamphlet form by Agni Press in April 2006)

14. Expanding the Possibilities of the English Language (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s use of compound nouns, 5 pp., published on, May 2006)

15. The Aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy (January 2007)

16. Sri Chinmoy and the Language of Prayer (May 2008)