Other Writings List

I can classify these into autobiographical, literature, poems, plays, short stories and others



a. "In Search of a Master" (Published in Chinmoy Family, February/March 1977, pages 7-9)

b. "The Encounter" (4 pages, June 1995, unpublished)

c. A Family Like Any Other (A memoir of my childhood in Australia, September 2001, 142 pages, unpublished, two extracts published in Panorama)



a. "The Treatment of Old Age in Henry IV, part II" (June 1973, 14 pages, unpublished)

b. "The Poetic Qualities of the Language in Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV, xiv, 35-67" (1973, 4 pages, unpublished)

c. The Parity of Form and Subject in the Works of Jorge Luis Borges (1976, M.A. prelim. dissertation, University of Western Australia, 39 pages, 10,000 words, unpublished)

d. Themes and Imagery in the Spiritual Poems of Thomas Merton 1944-1949 (December 1978, Masters Thesis, University of Western Australia, 126 pages, 35,000 words unpublished)



a. "The New Breed of Athlete" (A feature article on the growth of the new sport of triathlon and the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon at Ocean Grove, published in Australian Runner, Vol 2, No 7, October/November 1983, pp 16-21, with photographs)

b. "Perfection-Crowns: The Games of the 23rd Olympiad 1984" (An article that focusses on the achievements of Carl Lewis, 1984, 10 pages, unpublished)

c. "In Tune with the Water" (An article about the swim leg of the triathlon, published in Australian Runner, Vol 2, No 12, October/November 1984, pp 14-15)

d. "The Longest Day" (A feature article about the 1985 Sydney to Melbourne Westfield Classic, published in Runners: Oneness-World-Harbingers, Adelaide, 1985, pages 32-37)

e. "Seeing is Believing: Cliff Young’s Conquest of the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Run in Adelaide, November 1985" (Published in Runners: Oneness-World-Harbingers, Adelaide, 1985)

f. "Across the Searing Sands" (An article on a two-man race across the Simpson Desert in Australia, published in Runners: Oneness-World—Harbingers, 1986)

g. "Greece’s God of the Road" (A feature article about the Greek ultra running champion Yiannis Kouros, published in Your Sport, Vol 1, No. 9, May 1986, pp 48-50, with photographs)

h. "The Albatross Flies South: An Interview with Michael Gross" (Published in Runners: Oneness—World-Harbingers, Adelaide, 1987)


4. Poems (Selected)

a. "Beloved Supreme" (1976, unpublished)

b. "Lord" (1976, unpublished)

c. "Tribute to Sri Chinmoy" (1989, unpublished)

d. "Dhuniagette" (1992, unpublished)

e. "Farewell" (1994, unpublished)

f. "Shwedagon" (1995, unpublished)

g. "Birdsong" (Published in Now, August 1999, page 18)

h. "Saó Moritz" (Published in Panorama, March 2000,p.17

i. "If There Be Light" (Published in Panorama, April 2001, p. 187)

j. "Wisdom-Fire" (Published in Panorama, August 2001, page 11)



a. "On the Threshold of Victory" (1982, 25 pages, unpublished)



a. "Entering the Fortress City" (September 1995, 6 pages, 1,440 words, unpublished)



a. "Nathan Pritikin: When the Commitment Failed" (Published in Runners: Oneness-World-Harbingers, Adelaide, 1987)

b. Whither La Maison de Thomas Jefferson? (April 2006)

c. The Windmill on Wimbledon Common

d. Breathing New Energy into Old Ruins (December 2006)

e. Spinning Through Time (December 2006)

f. “The Significance of a Birthday” (January 2007. Unpublished)

g. I Long to be an Opsimath (January 2007)

h. Tips for Coping with Life (January 2007)

i. The Essence of Travelling (January 2007)

j. Pilgrimage to Aladja Monastery (January 2007)

k. King Bhumibol: The Royal Rainmaker (February 2007)

l. Staving off Boredom (February 2007)

m. “Words for Death” (March 2007. Unpublished)

n. The Joy of Jetlag (March 2007)

o. Karma Yoga (April 2007)

p. A Complaint-Prone Psyche (April 2007)

q. “Swami Vivekananda and John D. Rockefeller” (April 2007. Unpublished)

r. Parry O-Brien: Shot Put Champion (May 2007)

s. A Simple Life (May 2007)

t. Elegy for my Typewriter (July 2007)

u. The Printed Word – A New Incarnation (September 2007)

v. The Search (March 2008, a visit to Belur Math in Kolkata)

w. Replaying History (March 2008, a visit to Netaji Bhavan in Kolkata)

x. On A Rainy Kolkata Day (March 2008, a visit to Tagore’s home in Kolkata)

y. My Kolkata Guidebook (March 2008)