Miscellaneous Articles About Sri Chinmoy

a. "The Magical Games" (An article on the 1983 World Veterans Games in Puerto Rico, with special note of Australian participants and extracts from Sri Chinmoy’s messages for the Games, published in Australian Runner, 1984 Annual edition, pages 66/68)

b. "Sri Chinmoy: A Multifaceted Master" (Published in Southern Crossings, Vol 6, No 3, Xmas 1985/86, page 65)

c. "The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team: A Decade Serving the Sport of Running" (10 pages, 1987, unpublished)

d. "What Is the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team?" (published in Ultra running, April 1987, pp 23-5)

e. "Sri Chinmoy: The Twentieth Century’s First Global Man" (4 December 1989, 1 page, unpublished)

f. "Global Man: A New Perspective" (December 1989, 1, unpublished)

g. "The Man Who Dreamt of Peace" (An article on the dedication of Ottawa, capital of Canada, as a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom on 3 November 1992, 3 pages, unpublished)

h. "Making Peaceful Strides" (An article on the dedication by Carl Lewis of the track at the University of Houston as ‘A Sri Chinmoy Peace Track’, published in Australian Runner, Vol 12, no 5, January/February 1993, page 7, with photograph)

i. "A Harbinger of Peace is Honoured" (An article on the ceremony and background behind the conferment of an Honorary Degree on Sri Chinmoy by the University of Southern Philippines on 8 January 1993, 8 pages, unpublished)

j. "An Honour Richly Deserved" (An article on the Honorary Degree received by Sri Chinmoy on 8 January 1993 from the University of Southern Philippines, 8 pages, unpublished)

k. Preface to Sri Chinmoy’s book Vivekananda: An Ancient Silence-Heart and a Modern Dynamism-Life (Aum Publications, 1993)

l. The Silent Presence of Peace (An Article on the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago. Published in pamphlet form, 5 pages)

m. "Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy: An Historic Meeting" (An article about Sri Chinmoy’s meeting with Mother Teresa in Rome on 1 October 1994, published in Fellowship in Prayer, Volume 46, Number 2, April 1995, pages 14-18, with photographs)

n. Introduction to Sri Chinmoy’s book, Peace: God’s Heart-Home (Aum Publications, 1995)

o. Nepal's Monarch Dedicates Unscaled Peak to Peace (published in Hinduism Today, April 1995)

p. "Sri Chinmoy: An Inspiration-Fountain" (An article written in late 1995, 6 pages, unpublished)

q. "The Wonder of Human Flight" (an article about Sri Chinmoy's standing jump onto a 30" platform on 3 April 1996, 5 pages, unpublished)

r. "Behold, the God-Dreamer Comes" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s achievements since 1964, written 29 November 1996, 2 pages, unpublished)

s. "Inspiration-Blessings from Mother Teresa" (An article about Sri Chinmoy’s meeting with Mother Teresa in New York on 17 June 1997. Published in pamphlet form by Aum Publications, 8 pages. Also published in Visions: The Magazine for Conscious Living, September 1997)

t. "Pilgrims of Eternity, Part One" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s reunion with Maestro Ravi Shankar on 20 September 2002 after 29 years, written October 2002, 23 pages, unpublished)

u. "Pilgrims of Eternity, Part Two" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s visit to the Yogananda Retreat and Hermitage in Encinitas on 22 September 2002, written October 2002, 7 pages, unpublished)

v. A Timeless Reunion of Hearts (An article about Sri Chinmoy’s inner and outer connection with King Pakoeboewono XII of Java, December 2003, published in pamphlet form, December 2003, 22 pages)

w. To Be a Chittagonian