Articles on Sri Chinmoy's Music

a. "The Flute of Light: A Tribute to Sri Chinmoy’s Western Flute" (1982. Published in pamphlet form by Aum Publications, 1995, with photographs by Ranjana and Bhashwar, 26 pages)

b. "The New Renaissance" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s historic Peace Concert in Cologne on 24 March 1984 before 8,000 people, 7 pages, unpublished)

c."Music for Peace" (Published in Common Ground, Melbourne, No. 6, 1984, pages 6-9)

d. "Captivated by the Vision of Peace" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s concert tour to Germany, Switzerland and Austria, 1985, 7 pages, unpublished)

e. "An Epic of the Human Heart: Sri Chinmoy’s ‘Battle of Kurukshetra’ on Piano" (A 5-page article published with other appreciations of Sri Chinmoy’s piano premiere in My HeartFingers, Aum Publications, 13 April 1987)

f. "Cascading Organ Delight" (Sri Chinmoy’s performance on the grand organ of the Sydney Opera House, 30 November 1987. This pamphlet was co-authored with Prachar Stegeman and includes Sri Chinmoy’s interview with David Rumsey, Chairman of the Department of Organ and Sacred Music at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music, 11 pages)

g. "Sri Chinmoy: A Man Who Transcends Time" (An article on Sri Chinmoy’s concert tour in Europe Sept/Oct 2004, 4 pages, unpublished)

h. A Summit-Height Musical Experience at Interlaken (Sri Chinmoy’s 170-instrument concert in the Alps, 12 September 2005. This article was completed 4 October 2005, 7 pages, unpublished)

i. Four Postcards from Japan (August 2006, Part 4 describes the creation of Sri Chinmoy’s 13,000th Bengali song)

j. The Esraj Revived (March 2007)

k. The Courage to Improvise (March 2007)